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Two days

Two days in the island where the bloodiest battles of our history was fought.

Two days in the island where Philippines took its last stand.


It's every artist's dilemma: when the creative juices become sappy. Apparently it's happening to me right now. The wall behind me would evoke the wow factor visually but honestly, it won't intellectually. I'd claim I am too constrained in ideation when doodling, all I do is play it by ear after all. I need fresh ideas, cathartic output, an art that would move and not just some pretty visual play. Looking back at this work, I felt too kiddie and immature design-wise so I have to grow up. Nevertheless I can feel a gradual progress in me be it in dexterity or conceptualization and it's only a matter of time before I hit that eureka phrase and transcend my old bland style. So much for a rant to myself, as they say, work it like the rent's due tomorrow or today in my case.


One of the things I rue about and probably would most likely to correct is my negligence on the importance of reading particularly during those wee hours I killed by merely existing and not doing anything of becoming. What's ironic is that I do find time to read even in my most tedious times where sheer attention should be more directed to academic stuff rather than leisure. Well I don't find time, I tenaciously MAKE time for it; train rides and precious time where I'm supposedly reviewing.

Reading is as sacred as drawing for me and books are the Holy Grail. Had I been born well-off, I would've invested on these tomes of wisdom. Right now I am very much in love with Haruki Murakami and Chuck Palanhiuk's works. I'm a sucker for twisted alternate realities as if they're a frontier in my plane of imagination waiting to be uncovered.

Dusting off

I got the slightest urge to revisit this blog after getting sick of 4Chan issues on tumblr and I actually missed this platform. I can't think of anything to post but things anchored on Manny Pacquiao's fresh triumph awhile ago or school sucking the succulence in my once vibrant social life.

Something off topic: it's been past a year since I started doodling - one thing I never thought I'd be so engrossed and would eventually become one of the tracks I'd passionately tread. Been a year and I saw how I improved in this defacto form of "art". I doodled on paper, cups and even vinyl toys.
Most recent work of mine: a doodled Keds shoe

There's my 6th(?) doodled cup.

Reassessing myself, I think I did a tough job on this art considering that I have to do these things along with my never ending plates and school stuff. I think doodling has established me as another persona in the blogosphere. It's nice to hear people say "the doodle boy" or the guy who doodles. I got something more than I bargained for and that's having myself instated as an artist and not just a plain artisan; someone with identity.

So much for a semi-long post. I think I should motivate myself to write here more often; a ground where I could really blog.

Sand and the sea meet in between, fire and ice, you and I

August 6 2010. Kenny Rogers Katipunan.

Up Dharma Down gave me an ethereal experience. I never allowed this chance to slip away most especially that it's free admission. I really liked the vibe this band emanates on each song. It's as if Armi's singing the song just for you and lyrically, it permeates through your very core. Pure audiogasm.

She's such a darling.More power to UDD. I'll never get tired of their music.

Keep Calm


I'm making good use of my 3 hour break during Wednesdays, 2 hour break on Mondays and my lousy Bible study classes by doodling to while the time away. Doodling reinforces my attention span and eases my obfuscation from some things.

Project Bastardizing Starbucks

I gave up on my Project 365 so I need a consolation for myself.
This project is relatively easy since it does not require a daily output. I made this up myself and my long-term goal is to muster Starbucks cups and doodle on it so by the end of the year, I have a collection to exhibit. Or not.

Here's three out of my 4 cups so far:


Through this project, I'm making the most out of the Starbucks experience and I get to contribute on easing environmental concerns in a way by keeping the cups.
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